Husband Catches His Wife Poisoning Him with Drano!

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We know that some spouses hate each other but most wouldn't don't go this far! A man from Irvine says he started to feel ill and got suspicious so he set up a nanny cam and caught his wife putting drano in his drink!

According to Irvine Police Department, Yu's husband, Dr. Jack Chen had fallen ill over the course of a month and had grown suspicious that the illness came at the hand of his wife, who he believed was poisoning him. 

"He started to have unusual symptoms back in March and April," said Hittelman. "He went in to get checked by a doctor and found that he had had physical effects. He started to then connect the dots."

Dr. Jack Chen was diagnosed with stomach ulcers, gastritis and inflammation of the esophagus.

"She takes up the bottle, she pours it in, puts the cap back on and puts it back under the sink as though nothing else was happening in her day,"

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