Groom Shows Fiancé's Sex Tape with Sister's Husband at Wedding.

Bridal Party standing on stage in small hall

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WOW! I've NEVER seen this happen and I can't imagine what it was like being in the venue!

So the story goes, the groom found out that his soon to be wife cheated on him. BUT it gets worst, she actually made a sex tape with the guy she cheated on her fiancé with...BUT wait, there's more! She actually slept with her Sister's HUSBAND!! AHHHHHHHHHHH

The wife threw her bouquet at the groom when she realized what was going on. Then the groom says

“Did you think I didn’t know about this?”

After doing some research it appears that the clip went viral in 2019 and is making it rounds again! T

here are some reports that said the bride claimed she suffered domestic violence from her fiancé and she turned to her brother-in-law for comfort and then it turned physical.

But other reports said that the whole thing is fake and staged, which I wouldn't be surprised because some people will do anything for attention.

Either way it's crazy and would make for an amazing Telenovela.

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