A Kid Tried Clowning Cam Newton At His Own Camp For Kids And Now Apologized

    Cam Newton held a football camp in South Carolina where the video shows a kid who was participating in the camp start heckling him. He called him a 'Free Agent" 'Broke" all while other kids watched and laughed. I'm not here to judge because I also don't know what made the kid go in on him but it's not a good look. It's not a good look for this kid, specially if he wants to make it to the pros one day. This kid should showcase his talents on the field and have them speak for themselves instead of trying to be funny and now become a joke on social media. I knew this was coming and the kid, which is probably regretting every bit of it and probably got in trouble with his parents issued an apology. Looks like he got help writing this but do hope it was sincere. Hey we were all young at one point and doubt the parents wanted to see this type of attitude at a place where a professional amazing athlete is just there to help kids. SMH.