Nick Cannon's Got Jokes About His Kids' Pricy Christmas Wish Lists

Nick Cannon

Photo: Getty Images

With all the influx of children he's welcomed into the world this year alone, Nick Cannon is laughing his way to the bank as he calculates how much money he has to cough up for Christmas gifts.

In a hilarious video he posted on Tuesday, November 29, the new St. Nick took fans into his process for online shopping. He opens up the video by mentioning his contributions to the world's combined population of 8 billion people.

“But my job’s not done,” Cannon said in the video. “Based off the baby mama to kid ratio, we got a whole hell of a lot of gifts to buy.”

“All these damn gifts, y’all just don’t wanna go to college,” Cannon joked.

Cannon he received gift lists from all of his "adorable" offspring with wishes that include a dolphin, the entire Los Angeles Lakers team and 12 PlayStation 5 consoles. Naturally, the artist and TV show host appeared stressed as he called around and scoured the Internet looking for the requested gifts.

“Daddy’s got this,” he exclaimed with a twisted grin. “It’s gonna be a merry motherf**king Christmas!”

Nick Cannon introduced us to four new child with four completely different women this year. The father of 12 and Bre Tiesi welcomed their new baby boy Legendary back in June. About two months later, he and LaNisha Cole revealed the birth of their daughter Onyx. In September, Brittany Bell and the Wild'N Out host gave birth to their third child, a son they named Rise. Then, last month, Abby De La Rosa welcomed their third baby, a daughter called Beautiful.

Cannon's baby spree will continue this month as Alyssa Scott awaits the arrival of their second child together. Their new baby will be born a year after they lost their five-month-old son Zen due to brain cancer.

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